Whiston Parish Church
St Mary Magdalene, Whiston; Rotherham

The Church Interior

The church's interior is a beautiful place to celebrate, contemplate and worship the mysteries of the christian faith. On the inside, the four stages of the church's history are reflected in its interior layout, decor and atmosphere. The oldest parts of the building are in its southern and south-western corners; and here the bare stone of these 13th and 15th century walls are exposed. Moreover, the late Victorian-era expansion; which doubled the size of the church; constitutes the building's northern side. Here, the interior walls are plastered in a crisp, white render which helps to illuminate the nave during services.

The diagram below (adapted from John Griffin's 1967 book about the church) highlights key features of the building and also illustrates the four stages of its history.
(Click on the diagram for a full, high-resolution version).

Church Diagram

Source:Griffin. J (1967)Whiston Parish Church: St Mary Magdalene. Sheffield.