The Choir

Do You Like Singing?

Whiston's Church Choir is a diverse group of enthusiastic singers who are dedicated to the ministry of God's word through music and song; and are always interested in expanding their horizons through new members. Anybody of any age can start singing and no previous experience is necessary as full training will be given. So if you believe you have hitherto untapped vocal talents then why not speak to our Choirmaster and Organist, Ray Gallagher, after one of the services (or on the telephone number below) - he'd be delighted to speak with you.

Secondly, we participate in an accredited (and free) training scheme for choiristers and medals are awarded to individuals upon completion of each grade. This goes by the name of the Royal School for Church Music (RSCM) Voice for Life programme and aims to give people both a voice as well as some musical training that will then serve them well throughout their lives - see the 'links' page for more details.

Third, the choir sings in church at every main Sunday service and plays a particularly large role at family services on the second weekend of every month: as it performs not just during the service but before it as well. Moreover we also sing at many extra services throughout the year and, over the last two years, have performed at the Harvest Supper, Summer Fair and Christmas Fayre. This latter event is part of our Christmas schedule which also sees us sing carols in nursing homes and pubs around the Whiston area.

Next, the choir also has its own active social calendar: with meals out, BBQ's, pizza parties and bowling trips etc. scheduled throughout the year.

Furthermore, our Choirmaster, Ray, is a consummate professional as well as an expert music teacher. He is the purveyor of his own website where he blows his own trumpet! See the 'links' page on this site for further details.

Finally, Choir Practice takes place in church every Friday at 6.30 pm.

For further information please contact Choirmaster, Ray Gallagher on: 01709 540819.

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