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St Cuthbert's - Herringthorpe

St Cuthbert's Herringthorpe
Sitwell Park Road,
S60 4BW

St Cuthbert's parish covers:
  • Stag,
  • Brecks,
  • Broom,
  • Dovedale Estate -and-
  • Herringthorpe

St Cuthbert's is a supportive and welcoming community centred around Jesus Christ. It is a place to belong, to grow in God's love and to reach out to others.



St James's - Clifton

St James the Apostle
Cambridge Street,
S65 2SX

St James's parish covers:
  • Clifton,
  • Eastwood,
  • East Dene -and-
  • part of Herringthorpe

St James is a modern church, wide and spacious, built in 1937 to serve the newly-created estate of East Dene.

St James has very close links with the community, and is well-regarded and popular amongst the local people. It was substantially refurbished in 1999, with additional space in the Family and Community Centre, which is used extensively.